Get the best of pizzas at affordable prices

Montreal has really set a benchmark when it comes to serving its audience with the fines taste of Italian pizza and making it pocket friendly. Most of the pizzerias in

Make the most out of your stay in Marrakech.

During the early days of our company, we were all about Marrakech. We had people from all over Morocco visiting Marrakech, our most popular is, of course, the Fes to

Fun Things to Do In Venice without Spending a Dime

Venice is one of the unique cities in the world. Spread over 118 tiny islands in the Adriatic Sea, it is a city like no other. Its majestic canals, the

5 Reasons to Travel to India

If you wish to visit India, you will discover a country of incredible history, great wisdom, ruins if ancient spaces, fantastic nature, eastern spices and everything that will help you