Top Eight Accessories for your Bike

Top Eight Accessories for your Bike

  1. Bit Lock

Probably one of the best tech answers to bike security, and although it comes at a price it is worth every penny.With the keyless security lock for your bike, you no longer should fear losing your keys. This great thing about Bitlock is that you share access to your bike, as it is locked using a mobile app. That way you can share your bike with others by giving them access to your lock through the app. What’s more, the app also tracks your bike’s whereabouts and will provide information, such as distance travelled, duration of a trip and how many calories you have burned.

  1. GoPro Hero Session

The argument for cameras on a bike or a cycling helmet grow year in and year out as they provide crucial evidence especially in insurance disputes and payouts, as well as cases that lead to prosecution. They are excellent both as a defence tool as well as a tool to obtain compensation should the unthinkable happen. GoPro have the biggest reputation in terms of outdoor mobile cameras and have been the go-to product since they were first released. The GoPro Hero Session is lightweight, helmet mountable and waterproof. And it looks really cool too.

  1. Towbar cycle carriers

Towbar bike carriers are certainly an investment and not a novelty for the serious cyclist. Most regular cyclists like to take their bike with them on a holiday and entire families of cyclists prefer to stack their bikes on a carrier to take away for a break whether it’s a weekend or a fortnight. Top companies such as Witter provides towbar fitting that carries two, three or four bikes in one. Of course, these handy accessories come with accessories themselves and you’ll need to get stocked up with all the kit to make this a worthwhile acquisition. Bungee cords, spare clamps, lockable hand wheels and spare arm sets all come as optional extras and you’ll need at least some of these to be able to use the big investment. For the serious cyclist, this is as logical an investment as a tractor is to a farmer. Don’t bother with lookalikes, as this brand is most certainly the cat’s whiskers.

  1. Ass Savers

The UK is a wet country and if you’re into cycling the chances are that sooner rather than later you will be out cycling in the rain. This is where Ass Savers Extended will come into their own. They are really a cleverly thought out deign for a piece of cheap plastic. Thing is, they do the job and they do it well. Easy to slip into your bag and attach as soon as the wet sets in, it clips onto your saddle rails and catches any excess water that comes off your rear wheel, quite literally keeping your ass dry.

  1. Moon Comet Lights

One of the most common explanations for cyclist and car collisions is that the motorist did not see the cyclist. With these, there really is no way that excuse would hold water in a court. These handy gadgets come with handy rubber mounts which attach to either the handlebars or seat post, but they can be transferred from bike to bike without any fiddling with tools. They are so bright – 100 lumens that even the blind know that you’re there. High quality visibility aids like these don’t come around that often.

  1. The 6-bottle bike bag

Although this is really a novelty item, it had to be included in this list because it is so super cool. Designed to hold six bottles, it’s great for a trip down to the park for a picnic or to keep multiple bottles in while on a lengthier journey. Although it could contain glass bottles, because of the nature of the beast we recommend that you opt to carry plastic bottles only. Why are they so special? Because they are no longer manufactured. Plenty to be found in the classifieds and at second hand shops – get one before they become expensive collector’s items.

  1. The Orontas tool roll bag

This nifty little gadget is straightforward and simple. Your friends may laugh at you for attaching this cute little accessory to your seat, but when things go awry and you can pull out your emergency pack they’ll be laughing on the other side of their faces. While this bag is ideal for a repair kit, you can roll up any essential’s you have to keep them safe inside.

  1. The Spokelit

The Spokelit LED spoke light is a resourceful answer to night-time visibility that is so affordable everyone should have one. The sci-fi look and effect that is created to make you visible may be just too much for the ego of some riders and there is no doubt you’ll enjoy visibility in the darkest and foggiest of situations. Others may laugh, but you’ll be alive. And the younger generation will love them.

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